Rules & Regulation

  1. Lumbini Medical College has fixed student fees for the MBBS program starting in academic session 2009-2010 that must be paid at the time of enrollment and during the subsequent trimester. No student’s name will be registered in the attendance Record Register without payment of full amount of fees by students. Payment of fees during each of the remaining trimesters must be done on the date notified by LMC, failing which the enrollment of such students into respective trimesters will be prevented.

  2. Students must maintain strict discipline at LMC, LMCTH and other Hospital and Community Satellite Health Centers.

  3. No student will be promoted the Fifth Semester of the MBBS Program without passing in all the examination papers held at the end of First and Second Year in Four Attempts within two years of completing the course of study, failing which, the name of such student will be struck off the LMC Register and discontinued from the MBBS Program. Likewise, no student will be promoted to the Ninth semester, without passing in all the Examination papers held at the end of Seventh semester.

  4. Transport charge, accommodation charge, every day food and personal expenditures will have to be paid by individual student separately and are not included in the fees structure paid to the LMC.

  5. Expenditure during Community Field Experience placement must be paid by individual student and LMC will not be held responsible for meeting the expenditure incurred in travel, food and lodging of students during such programs.

  6. All Students must attended classes/practical/clinical by wearing LMC uniform regularly and must respect their teachers and the staff of LMC.

    They must always be polite to all including their colleagues, patients, relatives and obey all the LMC rules and regulations.

  7. Students are strictly prohibited from being involved in party politics of any kind and are debarred from getting themselves involved directly or indirectly in the party politics.

    Formation of student union or Association at the LMC is prohibited. Direct or indirect involvement and participation of students in own hunger strikes or strikes or “Gherao” or Lock-up of class rooms and teaching learning activities, LMC faculty.

  8. LMC staff and administration or Patients or Patients relatives or LMC well wishers or in association with any other personal or organization out side LMC in this regard is strictly forbidden.

    Anyone found guilty of such activities will be penalized and will be expelled from the academic program of LMC without any prior warning.

  9. Students must behave well with the Faculty, Medical Doctors, Technical Staff, Nursing staff, Administrative and Ancillary staff, Patients, Patients relatives and their friends attending LMCTH and the local general public at large.

    Complaints received against any LMC student will be dealt sternly by the LMC and disciplinary action will be taken against such accused student.

  10. Student wanting to live in the HOSTEL accommodation in the Female or Male HOSTELS must obey the rules and regulations of the respective hostels and must pay accommodation fee separately in advance for each trimester.

    Substance Abuse is strictly prohibited inside and outside LMC, LMCTH, LMC student hostels. In case LMC student is found guilty, she/he will be discontinued from MBBS program and will have to leave the hostel.

  11. All the students who will be admitted during the academic session 2009-2010 for the MBBS program starting in February 2009, shall be given admission on the basis of merit and on the full commitment made by the students and their parents or guardians to live in the same hostel during the entire MBBS program of 5 ½ years.

    All students both male and female must live throughout 5 ½ years in their respective hostels allocated to them at the time of admission for which they must pay onetime payment of all hostel charges for 4 ½ years at the time of admission to the respective hostel managements. No one is allowed to change hostel or leave the hostel after admission.

  12. No Students will cause damage to LMC property and if one damages accidentally or unknowingly, one must report to the LMC. Administration immediately.

  13. All parents and local guardians are requested to visit LMC and make inquiry on the progress made by their wards. Whenever request for visit of parents or guardians to LMC in made by LMC, parents and guardians must comply to the request and should make note of such requests and make it point to meet the person who so ever has made the request.

  14. What LMC Students Must Do?

    1. All LMC students must attend all classes/ practical / clinical regularly and while doing so must wear full set of LMC uniform without which they are not allowed to attend classes/ practical/ clinical teaching including during and all examination.
    2. All LMC students must respect their teachers and be polite with them as well as with the LMC staff, patients and their own colleagues.
    3. All LMC students must respect their senor colleagues and learn from them about medical science and give guardianship to their juniors and foster friendly relationship with the both inside and outside LMC campus.
    4. All LMC student must respect and obey the LMC management and follow the rules and regulations implemented by LMC.
    5. All LMC students are required to safe guard the property of LMC & LMCTH; Have feeling that they are members of LMC & LMCTH family. No LMC student is permitted to make fun or tease, abuse or manhandle and physically assault faculty/Medical Doctors / Medical Administrators / Technical staffs/ patients / Patient’s relatives / Nursing staffs/ Visitors/ other Medical students and any other human being both inside and outside LMC premises.
    6. All LMC students must be polite and behave well with all the LMC staff and must learn to develop good attitude which will make them to be remembered as LMC students and good future medical doctors forever.
    7. All LMC students must behave politely, respectfully and empathetically with all patients, patient’s relatives and other general public and must demonstrate well behaved attitude to them so that the patients, their relatives and general public shall always have high regards for LMC students as being good medical students and good future medical doctors.

    What LMC Students Never Do?

    1. No LMC student shall be permitted to be engaged directly or indirectly, in any activity of a political party inside or outside the premises of Lumbini Medical College, its hospitals and community satellite center and inside LMC Hostel.
    2. No LMC student shall be permitted to for a student party / student union/ student society and organization of any kind inside or outside LMC and its hospital / community satellite center/ and HOSTELS or be involved in become member of any other student union and organizations.
    3. NO LMC student is permitted to demonstrate in the LMC & LMCTH campus to participate in strike by wearing black armbands or go on hunger strike or disrupt the normal activity of LMC or LMC teaching hospital and community satellite centers/ other community clinic or district hospitals/ Zonal or Regional hospitals by demonstrating own cause or in support of any other person or groups.

      Postering and pamphleting in relation to any matter inside LMC and outside its premises is strictly prohibited. Defaming own friends, faculty and staff of LMC by designing cartoons or write ups and putting up such items on notice boards or crossing off or overwriting on notices published by LMC is strictly forbidden.

    4. No LMC student is permitted to remove, take away, damage or destroy the LMC and its LMCTH properties or books from LMC library, audio visual aids, museum specimens etc, or the properties of other health institutions that are utilized in teaching – learning activities by LMC. Anyone found guilty will be penalized and will have to bear stern consequences.
    5. NO LMC student is allowed to participate in inhuman activity like ragging of other students, locking up class rooms and disrupting normal teaching learning activities, looking up LMC staff, students, faculty, administrators, technicians any other person of LMC & LMCTH sections for fulfillment of own or other’s demand and such person if found guilty, will have to bear the consequences that may even be expulsion from LMC once and for all, no matter in whichever year one may be studying.
    6. No LMC student is allowed to indulge him or herself in substance abuse including drugs, alcohol or sedatives during or outside class hours including living in LMC hostels.
    7. No LMC student is allowed to possess firearms and explosives with him or her in college, hospital or hostels.

    Should any student of LMC be found violating any of the above set of rules, the name of such student will be put to the executive committee of LMC by the principal of LMC which may even lead to taking stern disciplinary actions against such a student which may even be expulsion from the MBBS program and LMC for good of by the LMC executive committee.

    NO appeal of any kind shall be heard against the decisions of LMC executive committee, and LMC shall not be healed responsible to refund the enrollment fee and other trimester fees for whatever reasons the student is expelled from LMC.

    The decision of the LMC executive committee shall be final and such decisions reserve the legal and academic right of LMC for maintaining the sanctity of medical education and health care delivery system in Nepal and cannot be challenged by the concerned student or his/her relatives, friends including any other individuals, or institution or organization, both inside and outside the Nepal.