Bachelor of Science in nursing program is a four year course which is affiliated to the Kathmandu University. The doctrine of B.Sc nursing curriculum is based on health needs of the people with its socio-culture impact of health.

It is based on the international council of nurses’ code of conduct, which includes preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of services. After the completion of courses, the graduate will get Bachelor of Science in nursing certificate from Kathmandu University.

The program duration will be of 4 years The courses included in the B.Sc. Nursing program are as below:

1st Year courses:

  1. Integrated Health Science ( Theory and Practice ).
  2. Community Health Nursing ( Theory and Practice ).
  3. Fundamental of Nursing ( Theory and Practice ).
  4. Nutrition and Dietetics.
  5. Applied Computer Technology (Theory and Practice).
  6. 2nd Year courses:

    1. Prenatal Care ( Theory and Practice ).
    2. Natal Care ( Theory and Practice ).
    3. Postnatal Care ( Theory and Practice ).
    4. Community Health Nursing II ( Theory and Practice ).
    5. Chid Health Nursing II (Theory and Practice ).
    6. Professional Trends and Issues.
    7. Behavioral Science.

    3rd Year courses

    1. Medical & Surgical Nursing l ( Theory & Practice).
    2. Medical & Surgical Nursing ll ( Theory & Practice).
    3. Educational Science ( Theory & Practice).
    4. Mental Health Nursing ( Theory & Practice).
    5. Nursing Concepts/ Theories.
    6. 4th year courses

      1. Leadership & Management (Theory & Practice).
      2. Research & Statistics (Theory & Practice).
      3. Health Economics.
      4. Specialty Course (Theory & Practice).

      After admission throughout the course Evaluation of the student’s performance will be subject wise and will be evaluate by