I have great pleasure in welcoming you to the Lumbini Medical College and Teaching Hospital. I feel confident that the ideas, impressions and images, we had about medical education as in cherished dreams are now unfolding and taking shape.

Lumbni Medical College and Hospital has attracted the attention of a large section of the community and has been able to live up to its motto of providing modern health care services in an environment of friendly participation and academic ambience.

World-class medical care should not be the privilege of a few but the prerogative of all. This credo forms the bedrock of LMCTH, which is a significant milestone in our mission to expand our embrace of care and compassion to newer areas and communities; to reach out and touch, and save, more lives.

Indeed, Lumbini Medical College and Teaching Hospital marks a natural progression in our life-affirming journey to transform the way Nepal sees healthcare, which began with the establishment of LMC on December 2005. Over the years, it has succeeded in bringing the world's best technology and treatment protocols to Nepal, bridging many of the gaps in the existing healthcare scenario.

For us, healthcare is not a mere business but an expression of humanity. This belief informs all that we do and who we are pledge to support you in your time of crisis, walk with you in your hour of need, share your happiness, and ensure your health. For us, your life matters; every life matters.

Dr. Rajeev Dwivedi

Principal, LMC