Hospital Director

With eminent doctors leading each practice in Lumbini Medical College and Teaching hospital, we are committed to delivering high class healthcare to an increasing number of people who have come to consider LMCTH their preferred choice of hospital. Our outstanding team of nursing, technical and support staff strive to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes as well as providing an unparalleled experience while at LMCTH.

We believe in and practice the highest levels of medical ethics. Patient safety and infection control assumes highest priority at LMCTH. We give equal treatment to all our patients ranging from the richest to patients from all socio-economic strata.

We are enthusiastic about our vision in maintaining our hospital as a trusted leader in providing high quality healthcare with a reputation for patient care, performance and sustained growth.

At LMCTH, we have everything you need to make a safe decision regarding your health and healthcare requirements, conforming to global standards.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Raju Prasad Shakya

Hospital Director, LMCTH