Bachelor of Nursing

The program is to prepare competent Bachelor of Science nurse graduate to function independently or in collaboration with multidisciplinary health team members in the care of individual, family, group and community regarding preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health.
The four-year, B.Sc. Nursing program aims to prepare academically and clinically sound nursing graduates to fulfill the demand of graduate nurses to carry out the role of care provider, manager, teacher and researcher in various health institutions in the country. The program includes the theoretical and practical course for developing essential knowledge and clinical competence in practicing nursing in various areas.
Nursing Education program in Lumbini Medical College was started with PCL nursing program in the Year 2065 approved from CTEVT. Then the B.Sc. Nursing program was started from 2068, (2011 September). First year B.Sc. Nursing was started with 15 students, with 3 nursing faculties and basic science teacher.