Role and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians :

✓ Parents should orient about the rules and regulation of college.
✓ Encourage, motivate and instruct the children to be in rules and regulation of college.
✓ Should involve in the regular parents meeting held by institute.
✓ Provide valuable feedback to the institution as need.
✓ Regular follow-up to know the progress of their children.
✓ Timely payment of fee of institution.

Does :

✓ The students should be obedient, good disciplined, hardworking and should take active participation in teaching learning activities.
✓ The students should have good attitude and respect towards teachers, seniors, staffs, patients, visitors and among friends.
✓ The students should wear their full classroom uniform in study block and clinical uniform in clinical.
✓ The students should tidy their hair with net and should keep their nail short.
✓ The students should approve the leave from campus chief incase they need urgent leave.
✓ Only the very important matter will be considered for leave.
✓ The students should strictly follow the rules and regulation of theHOSTEL.
✓ Students should reach their classroom 5 minute before the started their class.
✓ The students should complete their daily assignment.
✓ Keeping the environment is one of our self responsibility so dirty and dost should throw in the dustbin.
✓ All students should carry their identity while entry in library. Books are issued as per rules and regulation of library. If books are not returned in time the extra cost will be charged.
✓ Students should to pay their fee in time otherwise they are not allowed to attain in the final exam.
✓ Any miss behaviors of students that may harm to college are strictly prohibited.
✓ The amount of security deposit will not refund until the students successfully completion of their 3 years course.

Don’ts :

✓ Mobile phone is not allowed to students. If they keep against the rule it will be ceased by college.
✓ Students are not allowed to do any type of politics or antisocial activates in the college.
✓ Students are not allowed to take alcohol, Drugs and smoking.
✓ Students are not allowed to transfer in another college once they admitted in this college.
✓ Students are not allowed to quarrel, fight and do miss behave among friends and staffs.

From the desk of Principal
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