Students Farewell Program VIth Batch

Farewell Party, 2019

Good Wishes

A farewell party is done so that everyone can see each other once again and say goodbye. A farewell is also an expression of good wishes at a parting.

Lumbini Medical College and Teaching Hospital organized a social gathering kind of festivity for the intern doctors, 2018- 2019 (VIth Batch) who were integral part of the college and the hospital.

The program was followed by Tika application and flower presentation to the interns with LMCTH doctors and teachers wishing their intern doctors a good luck or karma for their next huge undertakings in different spheres.

There was memorization of the great time spent during, college. It was a beautiful social affair where memory of companions and well wishers was revived by the intern doctors. There was a an ambiance created which was full with emotions.

The program concluded with a photograph to capture and treasure the beautiful moments and delicious refreshments everyone bidding goodbye with heavy hearts.