Hostel and Library

Hostel and Library in LMC

HOSTELInformation :

The hostel provides a bed a study table a chair and a cupboard for each student. Every hostel has good water facility, common telephone, common TV room, a common reading room. First year students will be provided double, triple or multiple common rooms only. Students may reserve the Rooms in advance while submitting their application form. Reservation will be based on their registration for the course with the admission office.

Student’s Hostel :

Separate hostel facilities for male and female are available about 5-8 Km away from the college. Lumbini Medical College & Teaching Hospital Pvt. Ltd. also feels responsible for making homely arrangement with necessary basic residential facilities.

All the students both male and female must stay for five and half years in their respective hostels allocated to them at the time of admission for which they must pay onetime payment of all hostel charges for five and half years to the respective hostel managements. No one is allowed to change hostel or leave the hostel after admission .During the time of internship LMC fiscal session shall pay back the hostel charges to the concern students if he / she desires to stay outside.

HOSTELDiscipline :

Separate rules and regulation made for the student residing inHOSTEL shall be provided to the individual resident at the time of allocating the accommodation in hostel and must be abided strictly by all those residing in the hostel.

✓ No student should stay away from his/her room during the night except with the written permission of the warden.
✓ Any student, who wishes to leave the campus temporally or otherwise, should obtain the permission of warden in writing.
✓ Those applying for permission must state the date and time of his/ her intended departure and return as well as the destination.
✓ Students are requested to avoid singing, shouting or making all types of noises which are likely to distract the attention of those who may be studying in their room or hostel / libraries.
✓ Pets of all kinds are prohibited inside the hostel, feeding stray dogs or cats in the hostel premises are not permitted inside hostel and outside the campus.
✓ Ragging of all kinds is strictly prohibited inside and outside the hostel.
✓ The students are advised not to keep large amount of cash or valuable in the room. The student is responsible for safety of her/his belongings inside the room.
✓ All the visitors including parents / guardians must be entertained only in the visitors launge and during visiting hours only.
✓ Cooking in the hostel room is not permitted.
✓ Students are not allowed to participate in political issues.

Allotment of Rooms :

✓ All students are required to bring three passport size photographs for hostel admission at the time of counseling.
✓ Permission to stay out of hostel is granted only to interns who are willing to do so.
✓ Student must occupy the rooms specifically allotted to them. They are not allowed to change the rooms except with the written permission of the warden.
✓ Chief warden reserves the right to break open the room incase of any violation of hostel rules suspected unlawful activities on the basis of security risk perceived.
✓ The names of defaulters will be communicated to the respective incharge of the college for further action.
✓ The incharge receives the options to suspend any student from attending classes etc.

Library in LMC :

The college has a library room with adequate space for keeping books and tables for reading reference books. Reading cabins for individual students also available in the library. So, they can read without any disturbances. At least 60% of the course books and at least 2 reference books of each course subjects and professional & medical journals, health related research reports, magazines and newspapers are available for the students. Also, the college provides facility of e-library

Note :

There are no single seater rooms available Single occupancy of a double seater room, will not be considered.

From the desk of Principal
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